Critical Pedagogy As A Political Project Essay examples

Critical Pedagogy As A Political Project Essay examples

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Winters (2005) defines Critical pedagogy as:
a political project that attempts to change the power structures of everyday life, especially in cultural institutions such as those in education and the media. These changes are brought about through critique, resistance, and struggle. It aims to enable people to avoid manipulation and to empower them. Critical pedagogy is closely linked with the history of cultural studies and its democratic idea of a “long revolution.” (p. 164)
Critical Pedagogy has been described by many theorists such as Paulo Freire, Henry Giroux, Ira Shor and many other theorists. As defined by Critical Pedagogue Ira Shor (1992):
Habits of thought, reading, writing, and speaking which go beneath surface meaning, first impressions, dominant myths, official pronouncements, traditional cliches, received wisdom, and mere opinions, to understand the deep meaning, root causes, social context, ideology, and personal consequences of any action, event, object, process, organization, experience, text, subject matter, policy, mass media or discourse.” (p. 129)
Critical Pedagogy contains theories that take on a dominant approach or a mainstream approach. Many teachers have been forced to take on a mainstream approach due to school guidelines, curriculum requirements, and standardized testing. Because of such strict rules that have been put into place, teachers are not providing their students with an education that allows them to critically think but rather to obtain the right answer and move along. For example, when a student is given an assignment, they are told to read the work and provide the correct answer. Critical Pedagogy says that there is not just one answer and that students should be able to provi...

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...ific rules and guidelines by leaders that have power over decisions made for schools. Critical Pedagogues feel that by extending lessons past specific curriculums that are given through the state, we can provide a more personal and substantially higher education for our students. When relating Critical Pedagogy to early childhood education, following a more educational approach rather than a schooling approach will help our children to learn extensively through school and through outside experiences. Children are learning at such a high rate in their early years, that early childhood educators need to be providing an educational experience that extends past what mainstream believers may argue. Teachers must educate on equality and justice and include educational lessons and materials that allow for children from all different backgrounds and races to succeed equally.

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