Critical Path Analysis On Good Decision Making Essay

Critical Path Analysis On Good Decision Making Essay

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The fundamentals of good decision-making start with first ensuring that there is a clear understanding of the intended objectives and then the establishment of the specific tasks that are required to fulfill the objective. To assist this process methods of program management have been developed including those referred to as Critical Path Analysis. The function of Critical Path Analysis can be applied to just about any type of project or program in both manufacturing and service related enterprises. The Critical Path Methodology consists of the following main elements:
1. Calculate the minimum time for each task to be accomplished.
2. Determine the project completion date.
3. Calculate the maximum time for each task to be completed.
4. Identify tasks which can be delayed.
This process is more easily understood when it is depicted in a diagram format (see example below).

Critical Path Analysis assists in completing programs on time and in a sequence of tasks that assures that not only has the project been completed timely but also meets the requirements of the project especially related to performance related measurable and quality. Critical Path Analysis provides a project team the ability to focus on the essential activities so that proper attention and resources can be properly allocated.

When viewing a critical path chart one can determine the dependent related tasks which are critical to understand as they become tasks that if not completed can cause other tasks to be delayed in a worst case scenario cause a project to not be completed. In today 's highly competitive marketplace the timeliness of projects can determine the difference between success and failure. Today 's business environment is based on lean principals w...

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...rojects, explaining how it is used and applied in solving many problems faced through the course of a project. Finally, the paper identified some of the limitations of this technique by citing examples where CRITICAL PATH ANALYSIS fails to account for some variables that may be encountered through the course of a project.

This technique is very useful in the completion of long term and complex projects like the creation of new software. Using the tool a project team can know exactly what tasks will take place and when “to a degree. The project manager can use the project schedule to plot out milestones and timetables but there will always be problems that this method cannot always address. Other techniques of decision-making such as brainstorming, T-Charts, and decision matrices can provide critical information not captured by CRITICAL PATH ANALYSIS.

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