Essay about Critical Media Literacy Project

Essay about Critical Media Literacy Project

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People in the lower class are often portrayed as pitiful, unworthy, lazy people who aren’t good for anything. That is according to what the media shows us daily. Blue collar work is viewed as “real” work (Linkon). The lower, working class takes pride in what they do because they accomplish something that takes effort and skill. The working class requires effort and strength. There are good lower class citizens who work for the benefit of their communities. The working class is unfortunately being brought down by the more “fortunate” higher-middle class and rich people. Basically, there is a bias in the representations of society (Ginsburgh). In a Levi’s - Go Work commercial, the lower class are positively portrayed as hard working, individuals who come together in communities to get important jobs done for the benefit of the whole community.
The lower class in its entirety, is portrayed quite brutally as deplorable people. It’s seen every day, in ads, television, and in politics. A class is defined by it’s relationship by production and to other classes in society that determines the particular class. The rich are called rich because they are well off and have the money to spend on ridiculously expensive items or events and they get paid the most. For example, DJ Tiësto (ranked number one DJ in the world many years according to DJ Mag) collected an amazing 22 million dollars in 2013 alone and getting 250 thousand dollars a gig (Forbes). The middle class, or white collar, are less “rich” but like the rich, are not complaining either. They make a sufficient amount of money to pay the bills and for their family (Sam). Now the poor is a different story, or so everyone says. The poor make hardly enough money to suppor...

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