Essay on Critical Issues in Social Science

Essay on Critical Issues in Social Science

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There are a profuse amount of Global Issues that I wanted to cover throughout this paper however; I’ve narrowed it down to one of the most critical issues in the world. People in our society tend to only care about what affects them directly and often ignore those critical issues which influence us all, indirectly. The topic I will be discussing is death, which is a serious matter alone, but death of over twenty-four thousand children (under 5 yrs of age) every day is much more severe (UNICEF, 2008). Vast amounts of death to any species can kill them off entirely over a long period of time. Therefore, people dying at a grave rate, especially our children, is very dangerous to our society and the human race. Perceptibly children are supposed to be the future leaders of tomorrow and this will not be possible if a child dies every 3.6 seconds (UNICEF, 2008).
According to the CIA over three-hundred and fifty thousand babies are born everyday worldwide. The number of births clearly outweighs the number of deaths because the children that are dying are primarily those from poor countries. The bulk of the children reside in sub- Saharan Africa, South Asia and other developing countries. The causes of these deaths are from poverty, hunger, preventable illnesses and diseases as well as other related issues (UNIFEC, 2009). Wealthy countries like America are not affected as much with deaths among small children due to poverty or health problems. Since wealthy countries basically run the world and they are not affected directly hardly any media coverage is ever done unless there are G8 summits or other charitable campaigns. So, one can infer that child mortality is just another problem that isn’t worth discussing (in the minds of the mass me...

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...ibuted” (p.25). For example, good progress was made by a few nations with large populations, but many countries made no progress or insufficient progress (2008). This particular issue not only falls under one area of the social sciences but it plunges into sociology, political science, and economics and it can have an effect on history!

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