Essay on Critical Infrastructure : Information Technology

Essay on Critical Infrastructure : Information Technology

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Executive Summary: The Information Technology Sector in the United States is an extremely complex environment supporting and interdependent between all 16 sectors. According to the department of Homeland Security, “These virtual and distributed functions produce and provide hardware, software, IT systems and services, and in collaboration with the Communications Sector the Internet” (DHS, 2014).
Problem Statement: In the United States, the Information Technology Sector has showed increased reliance on computer systems, which they have linked to almost all their vital infrastructures. Today, however, there is growing concern regarding diverse cyber security threats, which are directed towards all information systems through all sectors. As such, the issue of cyber security has been accorded notable emphasis, particularly because of the dangers associated with it in the event of attacks to Information Technology’s critical infrastructure. Therefore, it is true that the issue of cyber security is and has been a major problem area for the last 2 decades, which deserves notable consideration and efforts by the government, private sector, and other stakeholders to combat threats and ensure security of information systems (DHS, 2014).
Policy in Question: Cyber security is one of the key policy issues surrounding the Information Technology sector, which is posing challenges for politicians and lawmakers in the U.S. For instance, when Republicans attain majority control over the U.S. as well as the Senate, they are anticipated to face a foreign policy, which has grown increasingly complex because of heavy reliance on the Internet. In the recent years, Congress has engaged in serious progra...

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... actions in advance. Lastly, the government, private sector, and other stakeholders should share information concerning diverse forms of threats to facilitate in the establishment of effective measures for addressing any forms of security threats (Moore & Shenoi, 2010).
Decision Rationale; The decision making process should encourage the participation of all government bodies, technology firms, academic institutions, and researchers to ensure the decisions made are effective and relevant.
Limitations: The process of implementing cyber security legislation is subject to limitations, particularly those brought forth by differences in political opinions, especially the Democrats and Republicans. Furthermore, the differences in opinion with respect to the issue of privacy in information systems affect the process of adopting effective cyber security initiatives.

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