Critical Incident Responses Affect People Essay

Critical Incident Responses Affect People Essay

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Critical incident responses affect people in many different ways. No one person can have the same emotional and physical stressors as the other. In my position as a law enforcement officer I deal with many stressful situations on a day-to-day basis. Calls that involve driving with lights and sirens tend to stress me out. The entire time my body is reacting to the sirens, lights, radio, and the computer. Trying to listen to critical information given over the air as well as reading the call notes on the computer as they are being updated, all while trying to safely arrive at the call in one piece. One particular incident that I felt stressed was a domestic violence assault that had a lot of revolving parts to it. I was physically and emotional stressed and my anxiety was extremely high.
I was dispatched to a domestic violence assault in progress. I was the primary officer for this call with an additional five officers responding. While en-route to the call information was being relayed over the air about the suspect. The suspect described as being dangerous to law enforcement with gang relations who had just been released from prison a week prior. Once on scene I made contact with the reporting party. The reporting party advised the ex-boyfriend showed up to the house and assaulted his ex-girlfriend. The reporting party explained that the victim was staying at their home because the ex-boyfriend and her had a no contact order due to prior domestic violence incidents. The victim’s ex-boyfriend showed up to the house to talk the female. When the reporting party said female was not there, the suspect got extremely aggravated at the reporting party. The suspect was trying to break into the front door with a baseball bat. After his su...

... middle of paper ... I know personal reflection is integral for mindfulness. The four facets of mindfulness: observing, describing, acting with awareness, and accepting without judgment (As cited in Pg, 1-2). Though I may still arrive with high anxiety, I would be able to better handle each call by being aware of my breathing and thinking back to our reflection journals.
Learning to handle stress and emotions is integral to any critical incident I may respond too. Being in law enforcement may people are counting on me to have a clear mindset. Though it does not mean I am not going to have anxiety or be stressed, I am called upon in times of crisis. Though other officers may have emotionally handled my experience with the domestic violence assault call differently, they are not me. I had to do everything I could to keep calm and relaxed while still worrying where the suspect was.

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