Critical Evaluation Of The Work Of David Nasaw Essay

Critical Evaluation Of The Work Of David Nasaw Essay

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Academic writings are fundamental to expanding and solidifying knowledge and understanding. Axiomatic to the objective nature of the writing is the existence of persuasive source material acting to support the argument put forth. For this purpose, critical evaluation of sources should be meticulously undertaken so as to ensure a strong and competent argument has been assembled. The sources themselves can take on many different forms depending on the discipline being examined and written for, however all sources can be classified into two distinctive categories; either Primary or Secondary sources. The balance of this essay will discuss the types of sources available and using the literary work of David Nasaw (Children of the City) and the photographic work of Lewis Hines, that no one source, whether primary or secondary, provide the full scope of an event or situation and it is only when the two are consulted collectively, can one understand the full scope of an event.
To best understand how the two come together in support of an argument, it is important to appreciate the difference between primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are original, first-hand accounts of an event, created at the time of the event, or shortly afterwards . They represent factual information or personal accounts of an event and are thought to be free of bias and opinion. Secondary sources are created after the event or time period, often interpreting, critiquing and discussing primary sources and as a result will contain an opinion of the event and therefore contain bias . Another consideration when determine if something is a primary or secondary source rests in how it is (was) created. Art is a source that can be considered both a primar...

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...e time, newspapers, sociological studies, and notations from the reformers of the time, Nasaw provides agency for children such as those depicted in Hine’s photographs, showing them as actors, not simply (being) acted upon . By using the words of their contemporaries, Nasaw allows others working-class immigrant children to speak on the behalf of those photographed in Hines’s work. In doing so, he blends both primary and secondary sources and provides a balanced interpretation of their lives, including both accounts of risks and dangers encountered by these children as well as the triumphs and confidences gained during their work and play. Reinforcing, that no one sources provides a holistic representation of a situation or period in time, instead it is the combination of both that primary and secondary sources that merge together to provide a true interpretation

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