Critical Decisions Of Fetal And Neonatal Medicine : Ethical Issues Essay

Critical Decisions Of Fetal And Neonatal Medicine : Ethical Issues Essay

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The article Critical Care Decisions in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine: Ethical Issues was an interesting one to say the least. However, there were a few things that could be disagreed on by many in the ethical practices done in the UK involving a premature baby’s life. This article had a lot of moral and ethical issues combined to make the reader think about their own personal view of intensive care in newborns and premature infants.
The article starts off with some data present about premature babies and their rate of survival when given intensive care. For example, all babies from twenty-two weeks to over twenty-five weeks shows signs of life at birth. However, at twenty-two weeks the amount of infants who survived making discharge at the hospital was drastically different than those between twenty-five and twenty-six weeks of age. The difference in these gestational periods was thirty-nine percent, infants born at twenty-two weeks had a one percent chance of survival to discharge and infants born at twenty-five weeks had a forty-four percent chance of survival. There’s also a big difference in what gestational period is more likely to have severe disabilities, at twenty-three to twenty-four weeks of age two thirds of them had moderate to severe disabilities by the age of six. At the other end of the spectrum by age twenty-five to twenty-six two thirds had mild or no disability at all by the age of six.
Secondly, there are the ethical issues in the article such as the value of human life even in infants this concept is still relevant. The beginning of this section deals with the moral status raising the question as to whether an infant has the same human rights an adult does, the answer is yes. The concept of sanctity is next, y...

... middle of paper ...

... professional to help a baby without the parents consent which generally can only happen during an emergency. The article also mentions a very important subject which is the support of children who survive with disabilities. It is mentioned that the government should be a part in helping as well. In the healthcare field people need to be informed of what they can and cannot due in the legal system.
The care of premature newborns is a sensitive subject to many, those who have dealt with it and for those who have not as well. The life saving treatments are a decision that have to be carefully made by the parents with the help of professionals in the field. Doctors as well as parents have to protect themselves from legal situations when making decisions about the infant 's life. The best interest of the baby should always be a priority over anything in these decisions.

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