Critical Assessment Of The Author 's Effectiveness Essay

Critical Assessment Of The Author 's Effectiveness Essay

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A critical analysis essay is an overall assessment of the author’s effectiveness in conveying his or her purpose. (Wilhoit 95) There are several different aspects of critique writing: analysis, evaluation, and explanation. The analysis requires you to break down the reading into essential parts, evaluation requires you to assess the quality of those various parts, and the explanation should link your judgments to specific aspects of the readings and make those connections clear and convincing to your reader. (97) Such writing requires you to know the criteria or certain expected aspects of a reading (such as thesis, support, genre, or style), and to use standards which are the basis for evaluating. (95) To do so, use your textbooks, especially Dialogues to remind you of what a good argument must include (Ch 1-2).


You will be required to write a one to two page paper critical analysis on an argumentative article. You will be able to choose any article from the thematic readings in Dialogues. You will need to: identify a principle or definition relating to argument (See Ch. 1 & 2 of Writing Arguments), ask a question concerning the principle, answer the question by apply the principle or definition chosen.

Ex. Effective Arguments are based on logical facts rather than mere emotion.
Question: Does the emotional appeal presented in this article invalidate its argument?
Answer: If effective arguments are based on logical facts rather than mere emotion, the article must use facts to support its emotive claims.

You will go into specifics by identify the claim or argument, stance the author is taking (pro or con), and support the author provides. You will need to establish a principle or standard of what is an effective...

... middle of paper ...

..., and without logical fallacies (doesn’t use faulty generalization, slippery slope etc.)
Body Paragraphs: The body paragraph(s) will provide the syllogism for the standard or criteria with explanation and overall reference to the weakness or strength of the paper, identify the aspects (claim, stance, and support), explain how your identification is correct (how did you find or figure out what the thesis was), and evaluate.
Conclusion Paragraph: Restate your thesis: Author is successful/unsuccessful because…
Remind your reader of your conclusions, wrap up, and end with a concluding statement.

APA Format:

Double spaced, Times New Roman: 12 font. Should have title page, but not abstract. Title centered on page two. Running head and full capitalized head with page number in proper position. Proper in-text citations including author’s name(s), year, and page number.

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