Critical Analysis Of Where The Essence Of Poetry Lies For G Essay

Critical Analysis Of Where The Essence Of Poetry Lies For G Essay

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Critical analysis of where the essence of poetry lies for G. A. Bécquer.
The Post-Romanticism movement in which Gustavo Bécquer’s poems were written in reflect many themes, some which evolved during that period; the subject would generally have a greater connection to nature, included intimate emotions and influence from other poetry. Containing 77 poems it; therefore; enables the collection to be split into five sections; what poetry means, love theme, disappointment, illness and death. To explore where the essence is embedded in the Rimas three sections of the book shall be analysed; the first section about the meaning of poetry, second about love and third about religion. Furthermore, the brief history of the poems will also be provided.

Originally the book containing the poems was written between 1859 and 1868; however, due to the Glorious Revolution of 1868 that collection was lost. Only years after Bécquer were able to reconstruct his loss, by recalling each Rima and writing it in “Libro de los gorriones.” Moreover, it was only after his death that the collection was published, with a different order put together by his close friends. This may have not been the order which Bécquer himself would have put together; however, it contains a good introduction poem and categorising them allows an easier flow of the poems.

To commence, since the initial collection was lost, there is no prologue which Bécquer wrote previously. It could have been that in the prologue he included his personal thoughts on the spirit of poetry and what his role as an artist means to him. However, the order which his friends created did in fact add a poem which works as both; a poem and a personal introduction from the poet himself. From the openi...

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...ct due to similar experiences and feelings, yet only some are able to spiritually engage with his poems.

To conclude, the essence of poetry for Bécquer lies throughout the whole collection of poems. Since language does not contain the sufficient words and expressions to depict that pure essence, the poet has achieved this through describing his previous experiences and feelings. It is only due to them that one can connect on a more spiritual level. At the end it can be said that for Bécquer the essence is developed in three ideas; the powerful emotion of love, which requires a woman in order to feel it, yet that pure feeling of love is equal to religion. It therefore; reaches a spiritual sentiment of pure love as to religion and God himself. It is because of that idea that Bécquer believes that poets are Gods because they can share that level of spirituality.

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