Critical Analysis of the Miller Analogies Test Essay

Critical Analysis of the Miller Analogies Test Essay

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The Miller Analogies Test 60 minutes long and is composed of 120 analogies (Meagher, Pan, Wegner, & Miller, 2012a), of which only 100 contribute to the actual score. The other twenty are research questions to test for possible use in future versions of the MAT. Pearson defines an analogy as a statement identifying a relationship between two items that is equal to a relationship between two other items. For example, tall is to short as wet is to dry, which would be formatted tall:short = wet:dry. The two relationships are equal to each other because both are antonyms. In the test, however, the analogies are partial, meaning one of the items is missing and four options are presented in a multiple choice format from which the test taker has to select the correct response (Meagher, 2008b).
The purpose of the test, as mentioned before, is to determine future success in graduate work in a university in the United States. The MAT accomplishes this by testing reasoning skills. In order to succeed in the test, the test taker must be fluent in English, be able to establish a correlation between two items, and have a general knowledge of the sciences (both the natural and social), mathematics, language, and humanities. Within these content areas, several types of relationships are assessed: semantic, logical, classification, and association. This means that the relationship presented can ask for anything from a synonym, sequence, pattern, etc. (“Candidate Information Booklet,” 2013).
The validity of the test all hinges on the validity of the analogy in assessing analytical ability. While many other standardized tests have moved away from the analogy, the MAT is entirely made up of analogies, with the publishers arguing that th...

... middle of paper ... Performance with the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). Pearson.
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