Critical Analysis : My Achilles Heel For Writing, Grammar And Mechanical Errors

Critical Analysis : My Achilles Heel For Writing, Grammar And Mechanical Errors

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This year in English I have exponentially improved my writing skills. Through critical self-analysis I have found my Achilles heel for writing, grammar and mechanical errors. I have become an editing heavy writer due to this very fact. This knowledge has led me to improve my skills minimizing my mistakes. Editing has allowed me to cope with my flaws. This semester in English 102 I have refined my writing by adding a step to my writing process, editing my rough drafts.
My wake up call was when I received my grade for essay one I realized that I had only one chance to improve my writing and it was a now or never situation. I began by taking the feedback I got from my professor and focused on my blunders. The statement that stuck out the most was that I had way too many mechanical and grammatical errors. He also stated that I had done a good job analyzing the text, but I had missed the point of the assignment. With my new found determination to prove to myself that I could hone my skills, I went back and evaluated my writing. I quickly realized that I did in fact stray from the ideas o...

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