Critical Analysis : Critical Thinking Essay

Critical Analysis : Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking is the resource we need to cultivate to grow our economy. Teachers should be diligently working through the stages of critical thinking development for metacognition to identify the targets to deliver prepared students into our culture. Furthermore, properly training critical thinking entails using sound reasoning and ethics without indoctrination. Consequently, if our society wants a highly skilled workforce they need to shift our public education system into thinkers and not simply work hands.
Teachers need to indulge in critical thinking and continue to increase their own reasoning for the enhancement of public education. Research indicates that pupils are doing well on national assessments, but they do not have the skills to think, reason, analyze, predict, estimate and problem solve. Unfortunately, many teachers are teaching the way they were taught and from textbooks with big ideas, discussing multiple, but separate components that do not tie the entities together which continues to stall the public education system in meritocracy. Educators need to be critical thinkers at the accomplished stage of development, hence they can identify targets, then produce a curriculum in their domain that will provoke learners with elements of thought, while teaching critical thinking standards and developing intellectual traits. Students must be taught critical thinking skills through multiple domains that cross over one another and made aware of the barriers that exist in the stages of development to become in-tune with their own thought process. They need to comprehend the determent of egocentricity, socioenricitism and especially fear, to make bold moves and be brave in their reasoning. Moreover, educators should be ob...

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... failed as we continue to teach to the test, privatize public education, promote charter schools and attack unions. Subsequently, government is not supporting the evolution of public education and is doomed unless we ignite critical thinking in the community to empower the next generation to make intellectual decisions that will evolve society.
Apparently, corporations are afraid of public education and are repressing critical thinking in fear of losing money. Sadly, politicians do not have the money for independent thought or are willing to make bold moves for education or any controversial issue in fear of losing their career and position. Consequently, this very reason should explode our purpose for cultivating critical thinkers through our own practice, without indoctrination by shifting public education in intellectual scholars for the benefit of civilization.

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