Critical Analysis And Evaluation Of An Issue Essay

Critical Analysis And Evaluation Of An Issue Essay

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Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement. It has the quality to skillfully analyze, assess, and reconstruct. It is a “self” way of thinking because of the formations of opinions backed by facts and knowledge. Everything stems from critical thinking because it is something that is done every second. Levels of Inquiry is a part of the two types of reasoning, more specifically deductive reasoning. It is also how we go about performing critical thinking. It is the steps that are followed to successfully complete a thorough lesson of critical thinking.
First is the descriptive stage, and it is the starting point of the levels of inquiry. It is the describing state where the most details and information are needed. Following the levels of inquiry correctly means starting with the descriptive stage. This stage is the helpful and most informational when it comes to solving the rest of the levels of inquiry. Evidence is needed in this stage and helps build a solid foundation for the other levels. Not providing enough evidence for this stage will be very strenuous on the transformational, explain, and extend stage. Information will be stretched and it will not make sense being as though there is not enough support. The Desiderata we did as a group required us to read the Desiderata and understand the bigger picture. We took a snippet of the essay and found out what each line meant. For Example: “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.” (Max Ehrmann, 1927) This sentence stood out to me in the Desiderata because I love to be in silence. I feel when I am silent or in silence I am at peace. I find that I am more comfortable and relaxed when...

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...he stages to start over again. The human knot caused the class to us communication skills to unravel it. Combing all the stages together to get to the extend stage means that we had to first see how everyone was tied together and then figure out different strategies to get out of it. Communication became the biggest help because it heled us understand and identify the answer/strategy to get out.
The levels of inquiry play a major role in/with critical thinking and everyday life. It breaks down situations and makes them easier to understand. It shows the key concepts of the problems/questions. It also helps answer or find a solution to the questions/problems. This is used on a daily bases for big or small problems. Levels of inquiry are complex problem solvers with many details for support, and critical thinking is the way a person goes about thinking about the issue.

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