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The research paper’s title is a Taiwan college and technical institution library user education survey. Based on the research title, it clearly stated and accurately describes the content of the research. It is because the title given was straightly direct to shows the issues that going to be discussed in the research. So that, for other researcher or academician would not found any difficulty to trace what’s the point of view of this research.
Then, from reading the abstract of this research, other researcher or academician can identified and got some general idea about the nature of study, methodology being used and conclusion of this research. But the author did not state the results of findings in the abstract. So, people need to read the whole research paper first. It means that the abstract consider precise but not too details and still lacking certain point that need to be included in the abstract.
Afterward, this research focus on understanding how Taiwan college and technical institution library cope with key user education issue that are related with education activities, instruction approach, content, related curriculum and the education priority viewed in terms of the difficulties and implementation problems. The author stresses this issue of user education from various aspects and it clearly explained. In addition, based on reviewing this research paper, it can be state that this research already completes and the objectives of this research has accomplish based on the findings results stated at the end of the content.
It is important to explain all the background of the research in details in order to make the readers easily understand the issues discussed on the research paper. But for this research paper, th...

... middle of paper ...

... topic in details and understand how to explore and arrange the content during doing my own research. I also got some impressions on how to manipulate the content and data.
In conclusion, this research is suitable for those who want to do a further research regarding this area of user education as there’s a lot of additional information from time to time. Even, the subject in this research covered only in Taiwan but the content still can be used as good referenced and also gave some ideas about this area.

Works Cited

Yu, T. (2003). Critical analysis: a Taiwan college and technical institution library user education survey. New Library World , Vol. 104(1192). 335-343. Retrieved February 18, 2010 from

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