Essay on Criteria Measures For Measure Job Performance

Essay on Criteria Measures For Measure Job Performance

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Criterion Measures
Selecting the appropriate criterion measures that measure job performance is a tedious task of human resource managers. The purpose of selecting the right criterion measures are make sure that the ones selected are predictive and evaluative of employee performance for a particular job, while also helping to enhance the utility of available procedures and programs that will improve job performance, along with bringing on more understanding of the psychological and behavioral processes involved with job performance (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). The criterion measures selected to measure job performance must be relevant to the job, reliable, sensitive and practical (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). As an example, this paper will discuss selecting criterion measures that will be utilized when selecting a mid-level sales manager for promotion.
In order to select the right criterion measures used to select a mid-level sales manager for promotion we must first look at the performance domains of a mid-level sales manager. Performance domains are explained by looking at the behaviors of the employee and what outcome in measurable units these behaviors produce (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). Certain behaviors can produce certain outcomes that can be rated as being more or less valuable to goal objectives of the job and the organization as a whole (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). The performance domain of a sales manager would entail setting goals for a sales team that the manager plans, budgets, and organizes, along with implementing a program to help achieve that goal. Also a performance domain of a sales manager is estimating the market potential with the sales potential of the organization to forecast a typical sales amount of a team in a g...

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...ria measure used to measure the performance of a sales manager to predict promotion capabilities have been utilized or worked in the past compared to the present (Cascio & Aquinis, 2011). This furthermore, suggests that if a criteria measured used beforehand, according to data collection and record keeping, was not a sound criteria measure to predict whether or not that sales manager is ready for promotion then that criteria measure should not be used in the future.
Finding the right criteria measures to be utilized for promotion purposes or other purposes such as selection of personnel can be an ongoing learning process. It is important to look at the criteria used previously to decipher if that criteria was reliable in making the prediction necessary, sensible to the performance domain of the particular job and also practical to utilize again in the new scenario.

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