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The Crisis in Ukraine Essay

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If anyone has watched the news in the last year, I am sure they have heard something about Ukraine and Russia. This is not the first time these two countries have been in the news. According to a recent article about Ukraine’s history published by BBC News, Ukraine is a fairly new country. Ukraine was a part of Russia until the end 1991when Ukraine voted to become independent from Russia (“Ukraine Profile – Timeline”). This separation from Russia made Ukraine the second largest country in all of Europe (“Ukraine Profile – Overview”). Ukraine and Russia have had some disagreements since the split in 1991, but they have gotten along fairly well since signing a Friendship Treaty in 1997 (“Ukraine Profile – Timeline”). With Russia and Ukraine’s connected background, hearing their names together in the news once again is not surprising.
The ongoing crisis in Ukraine all began toward the end of 2013. In an article by the Aljazeera News Agency, the author says the crisis was started when Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s president at the time, abandoned a trade deal with the European Union (“Timeline: Ukraine’s ”). According to Reuters, Yanukovich accepted a $15 million bailout from Russia after abandoning the deal with the European Union (“Timeline: Political Crisis”). This move by Yanukovich was very unpopular with the citizens of Ukraine. Protesters began gathering in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city, as soon as the news about the trade deal was released. Three days later, around 100,000 protesters rally in Kiev’s Independence Square located in the center of the capital (“Timeline: Political Crisis”). When the unrest continued to grow, riot police began to intervene using tear gas to break up demonstrations (“Timeline: Political Crisis”)...

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