Essay on Criminology : The Discipline Of Criminology

Essay on Criminology : The Discipline Of Criminology

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1. According to the book, the discipline of criminology is constituted by subareas such as criminal statistics, sociology of law, theory construction, criminal behavior systems, penology, and victimology. The statistical subarea “involves calculating the amounts and trends of criminal activity” (Siegel 5). This means that with the help of statistics, a profile of criminal behavior can be created with the help of research methods, and measuring the results. The criminologist will “formulate techniques for collecting and analyzing” information, develop surveys, and create a database in order to test their theories (Siegel 5). This field is detrimental to formulate a profile that the law enforcement can use to deal with criminals. Another subfield mentioned earlier is sociology of law or sociolegal studies. This field is used by the criminologist to understand how the criminal acts have evolved throughout history. How and when is law originated and under what circumstances. For example, how a criminal act become punished by the law, when maybe a few decades ago was socially accepted such as the legal age of drinking, marriage of minors, and more. Criminology also intersects with penology when investigating the effectiveness of crime control programs. This subfield also involves the study of criminal justice systems. Finally, victimology is another subfield that it is important for criminologists. It has become important to understand the role of the victim and how his/her behavior can be a determinant of crime.
2. It is clear how the views about the roles of victims and criminal behavior have changed though time. It all began with the naïve idea that those who were against societal norms and religious practices were believed to be p...

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...he social processes and interactions that occur in all segments of society” (Siegel 168). They have found that the daily interactions are detrimental in shaping the behavior of people and their path later in life. They believe that people are shaped by their social interactions with the community, organizations, and institutions. This is known as the social process theory, which asserts that people’s behaviors are influenced by their surroundings. According to this theory and its independent branches, people’s path in life will depend on the kind of family relations they had, the educational level and experience they got access to, the religious beliefs they were raised with, and the kind of friends they had through life. After all criminal behavior is learned either within personal groups or by imitating those around that seem to be doing well by committing crimes.

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