Criminals And Their Illegally Owned Weapons Essay

Criminals And Their Illegally Owned Weapons Essay

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Criminals and their illegally owned weapons
Currently, there have been more mass shootings in the United States than days in 2015. Including the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California, there have been a total of 353 mass shootings in the United States this year (“Mass Shooting Tracker”, 2015). As the number continues to rise, Americans are scared for their safety and politicians argue on their different approaches to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. In order to understand whether we need stricter gun control laws, we must look at where criminals are receiving their guns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives discovered that the firearms used in the San Bernardino mass shooting were illegal under California law (Jones, 2015, Para. 1). Statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics also show that most criminals receive their guns for illegal sources.
Criminals don’t follow the law and this includes the way they gather their weapons. It is very easy for a criminal to obtain a gun illegally in the United States and creating stronger gun control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. A larger percentage of recidivists than first time offenders obtained their weapon through illegal activities or a black market source — 42% of recidivists and 31% of first timers (BJS, 2001, Pg. 8).The percentage of inmates who purchased or traded from a retail store, such as a store or pawnshop, fell for repeated offenders, purchasing from retail fell from 17% to 11%, and for first time offenders from 33% to 20% (BJS, 2001, Pg. 9) and Facebook is becoming a very popular network source for criminals to purchase guns illegally. Creating strict gun control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaini...

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...ased or traded from a retail store, such as a store or pawnshop, fell for repeated offenders, purchasing from retail fell from 17% to 11%, and for first time offenders from 33% to 20% (BJS, 2001, Pg. 9) and Facebook is becoming a very popular network source for criminals to purchase guns illegally.
The solution to prevent criminals from preventing crime with firearms is to ask why criminals committing these violent actions rather than what they are using to commit the act. This includes confronting mental illnesses as a serious issue and stop putting it aside. Responsibly exercising the second amendment is a right given to every gun owner in the United States. New restrictions will only infringe the rights of good, law-abiding Americans who want a gun for hunting or for security for their family and will simply be ignored by those who are looking unlawful violence.

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