Essay on Criminal Profiling And Crime Scene

Essay on Criminal Profiling And Crime Scene

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Analysis of Crime Scene Variables
By examining the actions of the crime scene experts in the field of offender profiling use their knowledge to create personality characteristics on a suspect of a crime. The profilers are hopeful that the profile they give to the authorities working on the crime scene will help in eliminating defendants to allow the law enforcement agency to narrow down the suspect pool. This paper will analyze an article that was published called A Theoretical Review of the Process Involved in Deriving Background Characteristics from Crime Scene Actions. Through analyzing this paper topics that will be addressed will be the research related to criminal profiling, expansion of knowledge, applying the research, benefits and shortcomings, and an example and discussion applying to serial offenders.
Research Related to Criminal Profiling
The crime scene variable article that was chosen for this paper involves the way that by using techniques to categorize characteristics from the way that a person commits a crime in order to come to a conclusion about the offender. The article gives examples of research done on this topic which include studies done by Pinizzotto and Finkel, and Prentky and Burgess. In 1990 Pinizzotto and Finkel compared studies done by profilers, psychologists, groups of homicide detectives, and students the researchers found steps that gave clues to profiling implications. These steps explained by Alison, Bennell, Mokros, & Ormerod (2002) are:
(a) asses the type of criminal act with reference to individuals who have committed similar acts previously, (b) thoroughly analyze the crime scene, (c) scrutinize the background of the victim as well as any possible suspects, and (d) establish the likely mo...

... middle of paper ... procedures are lacking, and show little evidence on the scientific aspects. Pending related methods that can be consistently tested, investigators need to have caution when dealing with profiles (Alison, Bennell, Mokros, & Ormerod, 2002, p. 131-132). The methods that are used for the profiling process practice have similarities to common traditional trait theories of personality used before the 1970’s. The theories assume that there is no randomness, and will always have the same outcome when it comes to the offenders behavior characteristics (Alison, Bennell, Mokros, & Ormerod, 2002, p. 117). The article gives an example as to a way that profiling procedures can gain more scientific support by having psychologists that are accomplished in personality psychology and social psychology to evaluate profiling reports (Alison, Bennell, Mokros, & Ormerod, 2002, p. 116).

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