The Criminal Proceedings Of State Of Missouri V. Essay examples

The Criminal Proceedings Of State Of Missouri V. Essay examples

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The criminal proceedings of State of Missouri v. Rucker was held on 2-9-16 at the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse, 100 Court Street, Jackson, MO 63755 (573) 243-1755. This trial was for possession of a controlled substance. Criminal court proceeding have a specific order which they follow and I was fortunate to witness the defenses witness testifying, and the final stages of the trial. Watching the jury, the audience and noticing all the key personnel who were in the courtroom was as interesting as the sequence of events. Especially the jury who had to enter and leave the courtroom at the judges request. It is easy for us humans to judge quickly by sounds and actions but to be reminded by both sets of attorneys just exactly what the law is and what we can and cannot interrupt it to be was quite a new experience for me. Meeting with the prosecuting attorney afterward made me view him differently.

I entered the courtroom in time to look around and identify those who were to play a role in this trial. It was a small courtroom with only a few in the audience, two of whom were a police officer and another attorney. On the right was the empty jury section, straight ahead was the stenographer next to the witness chair. The judge was in the corner on a raised platform, a county clerk was at her computer to his right and the bailiff had a small box next to the door. Defense council and the defendant faced the front. On my right was the defense and the prosecuting attorney was on my left. It was interesting that nobody was directly facing the judge straight on.

Once I had a chance to look around the bailiff let the jury in and we all stood up. This was new to me and I asked later about it as I had thought we would...

... middle of paper ...

...orry I missed the prosecuting attorneys witness. The little specifics about the court were quite interesting and I was surprised by how little legal wording was used. I guess that I never thought about a trial being for the jury instead of the jury being there for the trial. The judge’s instructions to the jury was all about the legal aspects of law and too fast for me to write but I did notice a couple of jurors relax as he explained what words like assumption, reasonable doubt, guilty beyond reason and not needing beyond a reasonable doubt on every point to vote guilty. The attorneys chose their few legal words specifically and used them in their final arguments. I wondered if that was because most jurors do not have much legal understanding. I believe that every person who is interested in the criminal field should attend a criminal trial at some point.

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