Criminal Minds And The Criminal Justice System Essay

Criminal Minds And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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As stated above, Criminal Minds is predominantly focused on a controversial method of analyzing criminal behavior, in an effort to anticipate criminals’ next moves. The actions taken in the series often lead to a questioning of the accuracy of such proceedings, when compared to the real life workings of such departments. Not only is there controversy surrounding the proceedings of Criminal Minds as a series, but goes to include all prime-time crime. As television has become a vital aspect of daily life, often times programs aired have been thought of as misleading or misinforming viewers. The following research will attempt to shed light on if crime drama’s, such as the one created by Jeff Davis, known as “Criminal Minds,” portray either an accurate or inaccurate representation of the criminal justice system.

The series known as Criminal Minds first debuted on September 22, 2005 and swept audiences with its captivating plot and stimulating themes. The show follows around an elite team of FBI profilers as they attempt to solve cases based on suspect behavior, as oppose to the crime itself. The BAU uses historical precedents and psychological analysis to chase after criminals too canny to be caught by any city or state police department. The team comprises a variety of different characters, each bringing a unique specialty to the team that allows them to work together to solve these difficult crimes. Throughout its duration, the team has suffered trials and tribulations that ultimately create this idea of a family dynamic that is not present in any other show of its kind. Such aspects are what give this series a unique upper hand, which fascinates audiences and draws them back, even after eleven seas...

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...r focus on the case of Robert Pickton, in an attempt to formulate some comparisons and differences that might explain how networks are so successful in morphing reality with fiction. One evident weakness with regards to textual analysis in this particular instance, is that it is very time consuming and tedious, therefore making it harder to obtain the necessary amount of data. Criminal Minds is a long running television series and watching while analyzing each episode would take an unreasonable amount of time; this is why two of the most memorable episodes, which just so happened to be based off of a real life case, were chosen. Textual analysis may be subject to bias, as the researcher is formulating ideas off of what he or she perceives the text; that particular fault is why it is vital to back up the findings with secondary research, or with more concrete facts.

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