Essay on Criminal Law And The Federal Government

Essay on Criminal Law And The Federal Government

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Both the federal government and states have authority to prosecute for criminal behavior in the United States. Each has their own criminal statutes, court systems, prosecutors, and police agencies to help deter crime. These criminal statutes control how suspects are investigated charged and tried. The court system institutes rules and policies that consist of their own structures and procedures within each state. Prosecutors are the most powerful and influential representatives of the court system. Sometimes a case can begin in a lower court then work its way up to a higher court depending on the crime. The law enforcers are made up of small town police officials and go all the way up to large federal agencies.
Crimes that are often prosecuted by the federal government consist of organized, financial, and fraud crimes. The federal government also investigates and prosecutes drug trafficking cases. There are crimes that only the federal government can prosecute such as “custom offenses, offenses involving federal tax matters, and crimes of espionage and treason” ( The power of the federal government has broadened throughout the United States. Their investigations are of high-level criminal pursuit.
The state only prosecutes crime against the person. Such crimes consist of murder, assault, and crime against property. The state prosecutes far more crime than that of the federal government and only the criminal acts that are committed within their precinct.

The role of a prosecutor and the importance of the final report to the prosecution of a case are the determining factors in determining which cases are prosecuted and which are not. The prosecutor works along side of each position in the crimin...

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