Essay on Criminal Law And Its Effect On Society

Essay on Criminal Law And Its Effect On Society

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It is widely accepted that the social interest is stimulated by the criminal law. Crime as a public wrong, it affects the society by making them feel less secure. Judgment can be easily misinterpreted or a minor detail with being forgettable, with the result of image distortion. Particularly, in the case of Kennedy, the conviction of two counts of offences, the supplying of a class-A drug and a manslaughter, was controversial. This study will first explore, the facts of that case which are essential to identify the law. Moreover, it will investigate the law and analyse the solution provided by the courts. Furthermore, it will examine the inadequacy of the courts. Finally, it will outline the possible reforms that they should set out in order to clarify inaccuracies in law. This study will substantiate the view that, the final judgment was largely legitimate, although improvements can be calculated with prime target the benefit of the society.

In the case of Regina v. Kennedy (No2) [2007] UKHL 38, the evidence suggests that the incident was made on 10 September 1996. The case was tri...

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