Criminal Justice Systems And Policing Essay

Criminal Justice Systems And Policing Essay

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The methods of policing varies across from country to country, but in the case of countries that have similar criminal justice systems, policing methods tend to look similar, with slight differences due to cultural differences. Modern systems compared to modernizing, traditional, and dual systems, vary drastically, for Modern systems have many safeguards and predictability that individual rights would not be infringed upon. For instance, in the United States, when someone is to be arrested and tried for a crime, there is a definite process that follows, but in the case of being arrested and tried in a Latin American country, there is not absolute in the process. In the case of Colombia, the police not only have the ability to arrest you, but they can also become the judge and the executioner, for some of the police are heavily militarized and heavily corrupt. At the same time, the Colombian police has no real authority and no real way to stop crime, as evident during the crime reign of Pablo Escobar. Escobar was able to do anything he wanted in the country, ranging from petty drug dealing to assassination of entire flights of people. Escobar was even able to run for office, while he had already grown a massive crime syndicate. When the government imprisoned Escobar for his crimes, Escobar managed to sway the government into letting him create the prison, staff the prison, and maintain the prison. Escobar, using the funds from his crime enterprise, was able to pay off any and anyone in the criminal justice system of Columbia, to get away with his endeavors and doing anything he wanted to. In a modern system, there would be no possible way a criminal like Escobar could have gotten away with all the crimes and even create his own pr...

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...e system and are now secular, allowing protection of those who are most vulnerable, such as women and children, thus adherence to the rule of allows rights and protection that you will not find in a traditional, modernizing, or dual system. There is also inherent trust and predictability you can have in a modern system, whereas a traditional system, modernizing, or dual system is abstract and untrustworthy. Modern systems are inherently better not only for the country, but for the society as a whole, thus if we were to modernize and rid of traditional systems, there would be protection, equal access, and high adherence to the rule of law. There may be problems in a modern system, but no system is without fault and unlike a traditional system, a person can feel free to be anything and anyone they want without worrying about being prosecuted, punished, and or executed.

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