The Criminal Justice System Has Come Under Fire Over The Last Couple Essay

The Criminal Justice System Has Come Under Fire Over The Last Couple Essay

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The criminal justice system has come under fire over the last couple years over the handling of many incidents involving police officers use of force and the lack of punishments being handed down to them. Police officers play a vital role in ensuring law and order is maintained in the communities they are protecting and serving against any crimes and to help during natural disasters. This paper will explore how the criminal justice system is viewed in the eyes of a police officers and the thoughts on everything that has been ongoing.
Officer Derek Rolland is a member of the Hope Mills Police Department and has been a police officer since he graduated the Basic Law Enforcement course in 2003. He was born and raised in the Hope Mills community where he was a part of a family comprised of military personnel. He became interested in the career field of law enforcement whereas as a kid growing up he would see police officers in his community all the time, interacting with everyone and would waive at them. He attended the basic law enforcement training at Fayetteville Technical Community College and upon successful completion of the course he joined the Spring Lake Police Department. He spent five years there and then transferred over to his hometown of Hope Mills where he has been an officer for the past seven years. He currently is a part of the traffic and community division where he has the ability to dictate what aspect of the job he does on a given day.
He believes that the current criminal justice system is two-fold and has some good aspects but at the same time has some bad aspects to it. What really works are the current laws and the punishments that are in place do in fact work and convicted persons are given the appropriate ...

... middle of paper ... McDonald by a Chicago police officer 16 times most of them occurring which the teen laid on the floor with a knife in his hand. Officer Rolland stated he just recently saw the video and was "applauded" by the actions of the police officer. He then went on to state that yes officers sometimes have a split second to react to a threat but there is no justification to continue shooting at someone once they are on the floor. When asked about the 21-foot rule since the officer was noted to be about 10 feet away from the suspect when he opened fired it was said that it is a general gauge for an officer to be able to react to a threat. Officer Rolland along with others present on the scene, the prosecuting attorney stated that the officer used excessive force and had to be told to cease firing since he started to reload after expending all his ammunition into the suspect.

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