The Criminal Justice System Has A Negative Effect On Society Essay

The Criminal Justice System Has A Negative Effect On Society Essay

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America by many is known or considered for justice, equality, and a land of freedom but it 's the contrary . In the U.S it promised equality, justice, freedom, safety, etc. The criminal justice system however shows any of those characteristics due to their strict policies which are unethical. The criminal justice system has a negative effect on society because it focuses on putting people in jail for petty crimes, it targets people of color, and destroys families and communities.
What people are presented on T.V manipulates people into thinking someone is dangerous because you constantly see images of them presented in a negative way. With the the Stop and Frisk policy, many minorities such as hispanics but mainly blacks have been stopped by police to be searched just to find anything against them to have a reason to arrest them. A New York Times video on stop & frisk talks about Tyquan experience with stop & frisk. “Tyquan has been stopped 60-70 times”New York Times interview on stop & frisk”, it interviews people from different parts of the world and their opinions towards stop & frisk. One of those interviewed was Billy Pit from Brooklyn, New York he said, “It 's good idea. But the police are stopping people for small reasons and missing the opportunity to prevent more dangerous crimes”. Hashtags from Twitter such as #iftheygunmedown( what picture would they use) exposes what the media does when posting a picture of someone who got arrested. Tyquan is an African-American who has been stopped 60-70 times is his life! I was appalled when I heard this. It must seem intimidating fearing to go out because you 're afraid you might get stopped by police because you fit in the “profile” of being a minority and stereotypes that...

... middle of paper ... criminal justice in America is very important because we live in it but we don 't know the secrets behind it because we have been brainwashed. People tend to think that there are so many bad people because constantly they see someone getting arrested. So many families getting torn due to incarceration and crimes that don 't deserve a huge amount of years in jail. It affects the individual as well when he/she comes out they have spent so many years spent in jail that they don’t recognize their surroundings anymore, their families, their kids grown, and their community have new faces. Incarcerating people doesn’t decrease in crime while they were gone. People should be aware and come to their sense and know that they have been told and confused to think putting people in jail will not solve the problem and not actually arresting those who are doing deplorable crimes.

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