Essay on The Criminal Justice System And The Correctional System

Essay on The Criminal Justice System And The Correctional System

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From the beginning of the Criminal Justice System, the obsession was with prison and punishment. In the last few years, this focus forced the jail and prison populations to skyrocket higher than any other place in the world. There is never a class we are not reminded there are currently 2.3 million people in United States prisons and jails. The criminal justice system or the correctional system has not changed yet remained its focus on deterrence and isolation not on the proactive ways of dealing with crime.
Focusing on Race to incarcerate: a graphic telling, Marc Maucer uses mass incarceration and the many reasons behind it into perspective. Along with the text of Maucer, Sabrina Jones includes comical artwork to connect with the story being told. Starting from the very start of the race in the 1960s, with the baby boomers, heroin, and urbanization. The influence of politics lead to legislation aiming solely on the incarceration on evening the smallest crime. In the aim of influencing good behavior, America lost touch in fixing the reasons why crime happens to begin with.
Politics has influenced the way the criminal justice system has ran from the beginning. After WWII legislation took it easier on people, juggling deterrence or rehabilitation which is what the people wanted. Liberals argued there needed to be a stronger focus on the economic statues of the individuals in these high crime areas. They believed in the proactive way of stopping crime by given the people on the bottom of the pedestal a voice. In 1968, when Nixon ran for president his argument was for Law and Order, which came after realizing taking on this main concern of the white community would gain him votes. He broadly argued there needed to be isolation and...

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...he understanding that exponential growth within the system stems from politicians who are just looking to get the people on their side. Their race resulted in mass incarceration of people serving longer sentences for minor charges and long rap sheets just because the system believes more in incarceration rather than focusing on the root of crime. Yet the race is imprisoning the ones who identify as African American because they have always been seen as the ones too commit the crime. It may be hard for some people to come to terms with but the black race is sentenced more to jail or prison time than any others. It is not because they are the most likely to commit crime, but they have always fallen victim to the causes of it. This book helped me to take that all into perspective, like this system has been built of so much it would take the same amount of time to fix.

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