Criminal Justice Sex Offender Strategies Essay

Criminal Justice Sex Offender Strategies Essay

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Community corrections professionals use strategies to monitor sex offenders. The main three general categories of supervision are statutory mandates, treatment, and electronic monitoring devices. Due to the fact that sex offenders are the hardest to supervise, there needs to be effective strategies. This group is the hardest to supervise because a sexual act can occur at anytime and anywhere in a quick timeframe.
Statutory Mandates
The laws and sanctions that sex offenders must adhere to while under some type of community supervision, be it low or high risk level of recidivism, is to keep the community safe. Statutory mandates guide offenders away from recidivism. To help enforce community safety sex offenders must be registered according to Megan’s Law since 1994 in Arizona. There are over 14,000 sex offenders registered in Arizona.
In a cross study of two risk assessments (RRASOR & Static-99) that were statistically analyzed research found that, “Our total cohort (N = 1,400) included both rapists and child molesters that could have evened out potential age effects and may thus explain why Young age was unrelated to overall risk elevation for sexual recidivism in this study.” (Sjöstedt & Långström P.639) Meaning the assessments separately showed opposing young age significances.
When a more comprehensive analysis was made as outcome research all risk factors were significant except in male victims. Thus the two assessments should not stand alone. With that in mind more assessments need to be cross examined before rule-out decisions are made. (Sjöstedt & Långström P.639)
These studies provide insight into how to make statutory mandates better for monitoring sex offenders. Predictors of risk can always be updated and mad...

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...ctronic monitoring devices all working to their full potential, effective supervision is a goal that can be accomplished.

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