The Criminal Justice Program At Kaplan University Essay

The Criminal Justice Program At Kaplan University Essay

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The purpose of the criminal justice program at Kaplan University is to arm students with the knowledge and get them ready to effectively obtain employment in a leadership or other professional position (Kaplan University, 2016). Students have the option of following either the applied research or comprehensive exam track of study. Students, who are enrolled in the criminal justice program at Kaplan University, can either choose no area of specialty or a specialty in corrections, global issues in criminal justice, law, or leadership and executive management (Kaplan University, 2016). Upon successful completion of the criminal justice program, students will know how to use the research methods, apply organizational behavior and management theories, apply the criminological theory to create a proposal or policy that focuses on the problems of the community, be professional, apply ethical decision-making skills, and know he law in order to use policies and practices to assist officers to meet the legal principles and standards related to their criminal justice career (Kaplan University, 2016). The criminal justice program has a requirement of twenty-five credits of open elective classes.
Why have you chosen the elective classes included in your degree plan? The elective classes I chose are directed towards my specialty---corrections and the knowledge learned can be used in my future career of correctional case manager. The elective classes that are in my degree plan includes: Critical Issues in Corrections, Comparative Correctional Systems, Critical Issues in Juvenile Justice, Community-based Corrections, and Crisis and Emergency Management Fundamentals. My professional goal is to become a case manager with the Federal Bureau of Pris...

... middle of paper ... I am able to effectively and efficiently run my department.
How will these electives further your career goals in general? In general, these electives will provide me with a basic foundation of the what to expect, while employed with a correctional facility. The electives will enable me to build knowledge and be prepared for a successful career as a professional leader, while working in a complex criminal justice environment. These electives will provide me with an opportunity to advance from an entry level case manager to a senior case manager. Overall these electives, will enhance my professionalism while using conduct that add to a positive and productive work environment. The communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and decision-making skills obtained from these course will help me to transition in a multicultural and diverse working environment

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