The Criminal Justice Is The System Of Practices And Organizations Of Regimes

The Criminal Justice Is The System Of Practices And Organizations Of Regimes

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The criminal justice is the system of practices and organizations of regimes
directed at upholding social control, discouraging and extenuating delinquency, or
indorsing those who encroach on laws with criminal punishments and reintegration
efforts. It consist of three chief parts: Legislative (law), adjudication (courts) and
corrections (jails/prisons).
For many years, delinquency and penalty have provided some of the most

influential cyphers of the racial disunion in the United States. Sentencing laws were

prejudiced, with the severest of sanctions given to minorities. U.S. Supreme Court

cases and legislation enthused and steered by the civil rights movement and other

reform actions have made discrimination on the constituent of race unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, Hispanics in the United States face discrimination and overrepresentation

in every step of the criminal justice system, from arrest to incarceration according to the

National Council of La Raza.

The Latino populace has been increasing at an incredible rate. The expansion

within a population unavoidably will presented strains and challenges to a community’s

criminal justice system. Those challenges have played out in a number of variety of

ways within the different system of government and processes for Latinos. According

to Fernandez & Bowman (2004), the “tough on crime” policies legislated in the 1970’s

for the intent of decreasing ferocious crimes and promoting effectiveness within the

criminal justice system, have been unsuccessful in ensuring fairness for minorities. This

resulted in Latinos receiving dissimilar treatment throughout the criminal justice system.

The increasing crimes rates and the perpendicular amount of c...

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...sition to challenge racially-biased

policing.97 The result leads to a confirmation bias in which law enforcement focuses on

targeting a disproportionate amount of Latinos based on a misguided belief that Latinos

commit a disproportionate amount of crime, thus leading to a greater amount of Latinos

who are arrested and incarcerated, especially for drug offenses.98

Diminishing the inequitable practices of law enforcement will lighten an

overstrained criminal justice system and at the same time abide to impartiality under the

law for Latinos. Moreover, a “trickle-down” result will ensue in which destitute defense

systems will also become less burdened and a decrease in incarceration rate. The

resolution to the issues of overrepresentation of Latinos in the criminal justice system

begins at the arrest level. Thus, a better system needs to be developed.

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