The Criminal Justice Is Flawed And A Naked Singularity By Sergio De La Pava

The Criminal Justice Is Flawed And A Naked Singularity By Sergio De La Pava

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A young black man wakes up one morning. He stares at his reflection in the mirror of his confinement. He is in a small cell with only a bed, toilet, sink, mirror and his thoughts. He thinks back to when an officer stopped him on the street three months back, and the hazy process in which he was somehow convicted for a “crime” with barely any evidence. This realization is one for minorities across America: the unfairness of their arrest and subsequent trials. The criminal justice is flawed and A Naked Singularity by Sergio De La Pava illustrates how the system is one of shame and ignominy.
A Naked Singularity showcases how officers of the law falsify arrests using arbitrary assumptions, thus demonstrating disgraceful policing. De La Pava shows how these reasons typically relate to race or a quota. He claims, “Consequently, the decision on who would become a body was often affected by overlooked factors like the candidate’s degree of humility, neighborhood it lived in and most often the relevant officers’ need for overtime” (De La Pava 3). Through this De La Pava is stating ways in which police officers are overstepping their bounds and are becoming socially improper. The police are not making arrests based on probable cause or concrete evidence but rather on the area the accused lives in, on the need to fill a quote by the state department and on the accused’s morality. According to the article “Police Quotas are Terrible and the NYPD still Seems to be using Them” by Christopher Mathias, “Though police brass well deny it, here’s how the quota system works and does harm: Precinct Captains or Lieutenants, under pressure from police headquarters, direct officers to meet specific goals regarding arrests and summ...

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...rds to Chut’s sentencing. Instead he should advocate for his client and wait for the interpreter to arrive regardless of how long it takes. Casi should also, utilize Chut’s lack of English to showcase the fact that he did not understand that selling batteries was an offense.
Various minority groups in America are struggling with the stigma of a brutally unfair legal system. This includes capricious arrests, foreigner discrimination, and the construction of crime by officers of the law. Sergio De La Pava’s book, A Naked Singularity helps to illustrate the unfair law practices of the criminal justice system by having Casi, a public defender, tell the tale of what he witnesses and does on daily basis. Overall, De La Pava’s text has aided in the ongoing discussion on the shameful police policies and actions towards those of non-Caucasian race.

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