The, Criminal Justice, And Equality, By George Cole, Christopher Smith And Christina Dejong

The, Criminal Justice, And Equality, By George Cole, Christopher Smith And Christina Dejong

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Society subscribes to a value system to focus on the concepts of justice and equality. Justice which is used in a legal system can help determine whether an individual’s act was wrong or right and it helps other make a fair judgment among individuals equally. George Cole, Christopher Smith and Christina DeJong (1984) discuss how individuals will go through the process of the justice system to determine whether they are found guilty or not guilty, in their book, “Criminal Justice in America.” They clarify that less punishment can be offered to middle or upper class by a systematic bias that works to the disadvantage of the poor. When comparing the treatment of blacks and Latinos to whites, black Americans and Latinos are disproportionately poor due to lack of education and low income. Because their parents live paycheck to paycheck, it is harder to get out from living in high crime neighborhoods due to financial circumstances and family problems. These problems are critical when more youths are living in high crime areas because the system thinks they have tendency to be more prone to becoming criminals. Poor people in high crime neighborhoods are the police’s main target because it is easier to catch the weak and the small; whereas it is harder to get the rich people convicted. Jeffrey Reiman (1996) argues the legal system employs unfairness between the poor and the rich. In his work, “…And The Poor Get Prison: Economic Bias in American Criminal Justice,”he argues that the justice system gives the impression that a poor person is more likely to be arrested, and, if they are arrested, charged, than a middle or upper class person; it sends a message to society that the wealth, can get away with breaking the law similar to what often...

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...ent people are violently abused by police officers whether they have or have not committed a crime. Carroll Seron, Joseph Pereira, and Jean Kovath (2004) explain the unnecessary behavior that occurs when a police officer confronts African Americans, in their article, “Judging Police Misconduct: ‘Street-Level’ versus Professional Policing.”Seron et al explains, “Alleged cases of misconduct may escalate to include unnecessarily forceful behavior, including pushing, punching or beating the civilian” (Seron, 2004). Police often employ impermissible violence. A person with a badge or in uniform does not have the right to mistreat African Americans or Latinos without a reasonable cause, or to use lethal force against suspect. People are entitled to their safety, whether they are black or white. The criminal justice system fails to protect society from such injurious acts.

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