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Closing the Case 3
Closing the case:

A glimpse at the Rubik's Cube that is Criminal Investigation

In order to understand what crime is and how it has evolved we must define/analyze crimes in
depth. Understanding law enforcements role is key to gaining insight about criminal investigation, Two crimes stand out above the rest and impact every community nation wide. Drugs and prostitution are akin to cancer in that they spread swiftly and leave devastation in their wakes. It takes a person with a keen eye, sound judgment, and moral fortitude to combat these problems.
Let’s begin with the basics of crime and how law enforcements officials try to keep it off of our streets here in the homeland. Crime is defined as a wrongful act according to the laws set by societies standards (Osterburg & Ward, 2014) There are two distinctive traits that validate the judicial systems view of crime. The first element is Actus Reus which, is defined as wrongful action. (Osterburg & Ward, 2014) This means that there has to be some type of illegal action for the crime to be committed, and considered a crime. Some one cannot be arrested for just mentally thinking unlawful thoughts. If this was the case, half of the world would be in prison. A crime must also be a voluntary act. If the act is involuntary then the act may not be considered a crime. Mens Rea is defined as “having a wrongful mind.” Mens Rea details the motive when the crime was in the process of being committed. Not all actions are crimes necessarily, the only way that an action enters the realm of crime is if it is prohibited by law and assigned a punishme...

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