Criminal Crime And The New Jersey Court System Essays

Criminal Crime And The New Jersey Court System Essays

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When examining bail within the New Jersey Court System, specifically what determines the amount of bail that can be imposed on an offender, several key variables are taken into consideration. Two of the principal criteria are the nature of crime committed and its corresponding severity or degree classification. In addition, other factors include: the offender’s past criminal history, reputation, risk of flight, length of ties to the community and several others. Yet, despite all of the components that factor into bail consideration, the New Jersey Judiciary Statewide Bail Schedule ultimately governs the amount of bail which can be imposed on an offender. Specifically, the NJJSBS outlines a minimum and maximum amount of bail an offender can be subjected to, for all indictable crimes, disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses within the New Jersey Criminal Code.
One example of how the schedule is used is when an offender is arrested for the crime of Robbery (2C:15-1) in the 2nd degree, the NJJSBS dictates a minimum of $50,000.00, but no more than $100,000.00 and with no 10% option. In some cases when an arresting officer is requesting bail to be set, a synopsis of the incident is offered to the authority setting bail and often times, consideration (within the grading scale) is granted based on the information supplied by the arresting officer. On the grand scale however, very little input is taken from law enforcement regarding the setting of bail.
While the NJJSBS has been a reliable and simple guide for determining bail, the state has re-written laws that will go into effect on January 1, 2017. The new law will effectively change the method in which bail is set, as well as govern the speed and duration of the trial pro...

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...or society. In addition, time-limit restrictions will ensure that all cases are heard more expeditiously, therefore not only clearing lower profile cases, where offenders clog jails, but also freeing up the resources needed to give prompt attention to those higher profile cases. For many years, the current system has proven to be both reliable and effective and arguably the future and level of success, under the anticipated new law is unknown. Some may argue that with the addition of seemingly unnecessary steps, along with additional human input, the possibility of increased scrutiny will follow. Others may claim that the premise of such reform offers good intention for unclogging the current system, while redirecting resources toward higher profile cases, however, until such practice is implemented and tested, only then can its level of effectiveness be measured

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