Criminal Court The Government Is Responsible For Filing Against A Person Who Has Committed A Crime

Criminal Court The Government Is Responsible For Filing Against A Person Who Has Committed A Crime

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In criminal court the government is responsible for filing against a person who has committed a crime. This person is known as a defendant and the government must prove the defendant’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Some crimes that a person can be charged with can include murder, assault, robbery, burglary, and DUI etc. The key players in the criminal court system are the U.S. Attorney, the grand jury, and the judge. The U.S. Attorney is known as the prosecutor who represents the United States in the trial. The grand jury is responsible for reviewing all evidence that is presented and to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not. The judge is responsible for making the final decision on the defendant’s punishment if they are found guilty by the grand jury. If the defendant is found guilty the punishment can include fines and some time in a county jail or prison.
In civil court a person or business is responsible for filing against another person due to a dispute between them. This person is known as the plaintiff and the defendant must prove their innocence by "the preponderance of the evidence." Some civil cases that a person can file for are divorce, child support, eviction, debts, or a car accident. The key players in the civil court system are the plaintiff, the defendant, and the judge. The plaintiff is responsible for initiating the lawsuit against the defendant. The defendant is responsible for proving their innocence by "preponderance of the evidence." The judge is responsible in reviewing all evidence and deciding whether the defendant is guilty or not. If the defendant is found guilty the punishment can include fines.
In a trial court for a criminal case it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove t...

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...ome cases which can be heard by a court with general jurisdiction are criminal, civil, assault, murder, and fraud. Only state courts have general jurisdiction since federal courts are limited to laws that pertain to the U.S. Constitution. General jurisdiction courts normally hear cases which deal with more serious crimes and can be a slow process to bring it to trial.
Courts which utilize specific jurisdiction have the authority to hear cases which the defendant has minimum contact with the specific area. The defendant could be a specific person or a business. The defendant does not have to reside in that specific location of the court, as long as they have some kind of contact with the area of the court’s jurisdiction. Specific jurisdiction can also apply if the defendant owns a piece of property where the case is filed, even if he doesn’t reside at that property.

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