The Criminal Court System : Process Of Dui Laws Of California Essay examples

The Criminal Court System : Process Of Dui Laws Of California Essay examples

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This document will discuss the criminal court system legisative process of DUI laws of California. the process of a driving under the influence impacts of laws in the courtroom. A description of the legislation and how it is created into state law. How it affect the court system. The history of driving under the influence laws and penalties for each. The state laws of prosecuting DUI cases in penalty for DUI laws and changes made.

Legislative Court Process

California legislative process begins after an crime has been committed and they are arrested for the act. the stages of process in criminal court are first aid is arraignment, bill, the pretrial process, jury trials and sentencing. in the case of criminal court after an arrest has been made the first process is court arraignment that allows the subject to plead their case in the pleas of not guilty, guilty or no contest.the second process is a set bail for the overall charges on the subject. This process will allow the subject to get bail or get released on O.R. (own recognizance release). An O.R. is based on several factors such as your prior criminal history, the seriousness of the defense, the facts of a case, your worthiness to comply with the court proceedings and public safety.the pretrial process is the process of entering a not guilty plea in the bill has been set.during this process motions and discovery of evidence is brought up in the court for the case once the charges ( motions) are presented the courts may allow plea bargains or negotiation to lessor the time or charges pending against the subject. the jury trial process takes place after the motions and evidence are presented furthermore it continues to the jury trial. The jury trial may have two types of tr...

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.... The DMV will allow you to drive to and from a workplace for several months if you comply with court orders. Probation is required at a 3 to 5 year Sentencing court order. the maximum penalties for a second offense DUI with no injuries or deaths is 10 days in jail, $390 Plus 1800 in the system and fees in 18 through 30 months of alcohol treatment program which is about 1800 in an interlock device on your own personal vehicle. Dollar amount is 3000 + 1 year until 2 years license suspension by the DMV. For the third offense the penalties or 120 days in jail, 184 fort defense , license suspension for 3 to 4 years. The grand total amount of pencil teeth are from 5000 in can lead up to 1800 assessment fees. Not only will you have a high amount of fees and a lot of other Assessment fees you will also be facing a felony charge without murder and body injury in a DUI case.

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