Criminal Behavior And The Justice Field Essay

Criminal Behavior And The Justice Field Essay

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In order to understand criminal behavior and the justice field, one must use sociological criminology. According to Barkan (2015), it is the intension of sociological criminology to expose and prove wrong incorrect claims about how effective and efficient one crime-control intervention is to others. In addition, sociological criminology should also be able to point out any injustices of criminal labels that were/are applied. We must start though by looking at the sociological perspective, which points out that people are shaped by how society shapes things like their behavior, attitudes, or even the chances in their life. Now this has sociologists looking at the social structure people come from in terms of their social aspects of life (relationships and interactions with others) and can be either horizontal or vertical. In the vertical aspect, this is after referred to as social inequality which looks at how a society ranks people according to social class, their race and ethnicity, and even their gender.
Sociologist C. Wright Mills (1959) suggested and Barkan (2015) mentioned that social structure lies within private troubles, which was simply saying if only a few people were suffering (example use of bath salts) it would be a private trouble; however, if a vast amount of individuals are affected, then it becomes a public issue (once someone on bath salts eats the face of a homeless man). Mills (1959) went further on to say that if we are to understand any structural or perhaps historical causes of personal troubles, we must look at sociological imagination in order to better see and understand the changes (socially) as it relates to their private troubles. Berger (1963) pointed out that research in sociology often works ...

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...f a questionnaire where a group of individuals are questioned in different settings in order to gather data for research (by random sampling). By utilizing surveys, criminologists are able to generalize their results to represent the entire population’s views. There is another more intensive interview process to use in addition to surveying called longitudinal studies where members of society are studied over a set period of time instead of a quick twenty minute survey.
In conclusion, I believe this course will equip me with the tools needed to better understand the reasoning behind why criminals commit crimes, better understand the criminal justice field, and my biggest hope is to understand what has the biggest impact on whether a criminal continues to commit a crime or after being released from jail or prison, live as a productive member of society.

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