CRIMES Are Committed By...CRIMINALS, Guns Are Not The Issue Essay

CRIMES Are Committed By...CRIMINALS, Guns Are Not The Issue Essay

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Calls for more gun-control came after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 school students and 6 adults were killed by a man with an “assault rifle” (Cary). Soon after the school massacre, President Obama proposed a ban “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines and make background checks tougher (Cary). A protest movement called “Guns Across America” was the pro-gun response in January 2013 to the wave of calls for more gun control (Weissert). I would take the poster to a “Guns Across America” event at the Texas State capital. With my poster, I'm protesting any action from the government which will control and restrict the rights of law abiding citizen to purchase and own firearms. In my poster, I'm arguing that gun-control is not the appropriate answer or solution to today's problems of crime, including school massacres. Our legal system never charges guns with mass murder, and no AK-47 has ever been taken to court, sentenced to years in jail or been given the death sentence. People commit crimes and mass murder, not guns.
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