Essay on Crimes Against Property

Essay on Crimes Against Property

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I. Introduction
Instances of property crime have a tendency to fluctuate particularly when the economy is in a state of decline; however, a report just released by the FBI claims property crimes have decreased based on averages taken from reporting agencies for the first six months of 2013 (Minegar, 2014). While actual incidences of property crime may have decreased the methods used in committing these crimes continues to change with advances in technology. Crimes like identity theft are reported regularly. Computer technology, the internet, and jurisdictional boundaries each pose difficulty in identification of person’s intent on amassing their fortunes by stealing from others. This paper will attempt to identify how taking is applicable in shoplifting cases, how security is trained to address these issues, explain what constitutes a home invasion, and why statutes have been implemented to allow home invasion to be considered a crime separate from other forms of robbery or burglary, and to clarify the definition of cybercrime as well as how the governments are attempting to combat it.
II. Shoplifting: Taking requirements and security training
“Taking is the act of obtaining physical possession or control of another’s property (Gardner & Anderson, 2012, p. 349)”. Retail theft or shoplifting has always been an issue for merchants. Shoplifting is defined as the unlawful concealment and/or taking of property offered for sale and as an attempt to deprive the owner of said property, usually the retail merchant, and the possession of that property without paying for it (Thomson Reuters, 2014). Taking in shoplifting cases can also be described as willful intent to deceive by way of
altering price tags, changing or altering packaging...

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