Essay about The Crimean Crisis

Essay about The Crimean Crisis

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It seems that Russia is doing the same exact thing it did 200 years ago, by provoking unease in Europe. Recently, a revolution took place in Ukraine and a new government was set in place to rule the country. Russia refused to recognize this new Ukrainian Government and seized the Crimea stating that it was only for "precautionary" measures (Mills). With the unrest that is happening in the Crimea, it is our job at Global Citizens to help. Many things could help but, the most effective way to help would be to build a website to help spread awareness. To help solve the conflict that is going on in the Crimea maybe Russia can decrease the amount of military power that it is sending into the Crimea, which will help lower death rate. The fact of the matter is, Russia just wants more land and is trying to start another war with Europe, and potentially the world, over the Crimean Peninsula.
Russia probably has multiple reasons for its renewed interest in the Crimea Peninsula. One thing that probably stands out is the Crimea's economy, which centers on tourism and agriculture. Especially being the center of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the Crimea has been booming with new tourism centers and beaches right on the Black Sea. Industrial power plants are another large section of its economy. The Crimean possesses several natural gas fields, which are both onshore and off shore. The Crimea also has many products such as salt, limestone and ironstone, which are mined extensively on the shores of the Black Sea
During the Crimean War in the 1850's Russia was gaining a lot of power in the Black Sea region, while the Ottoman Empire was slowly diminishing. Major countries such as France and Britain feared the threat of an attack on the Ottoman Empir...

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