Crime Victimization And Victim Services Program Essay

Crime Victimization And Victim Services Program Essay

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In this article, it discusses about how criminal victimization is a cause of the alleviation of psychological trauma in victims and discusses the main connections through their studies; but in the beginning paragraph, they discuss more about the programs for victims which is somehow redundant in this study since the reader may already know. From the article, there are various constructs they are discussing which are crime victimization, victim service programs, psychological functioning skills and support work but the main constructs they are trying to explain is crime victimization and victim services program. Although they have given a clear definition of what these constructs are, the authors never applied construct validity during certain scenarios relating to the study, such as what type of crimes are being committed that a victim is involved for, the sampling and data collected and what was the situation that resulted in crime victimization?
They also discuss the issues of psychological functioning skills, and they say that certain psychological disorders can be correlated to the lack of individuals reporting for crime victimization and they quoted “…although individuals may be suffering from crime-related psychological conditions, very few ever seek assistance from victim services programs, and quote that they “…are more likely to be victims of violent crime and to have been a victim prior to the current victimization experience (p. 388)”. In this case, this is a problematic issue due to the fact that correlation does not equal causation and that the temporal order of this study is not ruled out.
There were also issues in the present studies as well; during the instance of the present study, there was no pre-test when the s...

... middle of paper ...

...n for victims of sexual assault and violence, but more often than not they just seem to not provide to handle the long-term counseling needs of their clients (p. 402).” Not only is this for a specific category of victims but the effects will only stay constant for a short amount of time due to the services provided.
At the end of this study, the main conclusions that were found in this is that there really is no difference in the use victim services since they didn’t display a pre-test of the use and for the post-test is used after they were victimized, the independent and dependent variables also displayed in the tables didn’t make a difference as well since the temporal order is not ruled out and that some of the questions asked were a bit unnecessary for the study, and that there was only one measure of psychological functioning, which took place after the study.

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