The Crime Scene Of A Homicide Essay

The Crime Scene Of A Homicide Essay

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Since homicide is a crime in which a life has been ended, it is highly important the investigation surrounding a homicide be taken seriously and be completed effectively. That is, it is critical for the investigator(s), and other branches of the investigation, to be highly trained in preserving a crime scene, as well as interpreting the evidence left at a crime scene, or surrounding the investigation. There are various techniques available to aid in the examination of a homicide crime scene, but none more importantly than what could be told be the body.
The wounds that are on the body of a homicide victim, can provide valuable insight as to the circumstances surrounding the homicide. For instance, the type of wound and its location can reveal to investigators what kind of weapon was used, and if the wound could have been self-inflicted. Let us take for example, a homicide victim with slashing wounds on their hands. To many people, this may not seem like much, but to others, the wounds on the hands mean a lot. The wounds on the victim’s hands indicate there was a struggle between the victim and the assailant.
Furthermore, the location of the wound can inform investigators as to what type of crime they are dealing with. If a victim suffered a gunshot wound in the back portion of the head, there is a good chance the victim was murdered. In addition to the location of the wound, it can also be identified as how far the gun was away from the victim when it was fired. For instance, when a gun is fired at close range to the victim, the unburned gunpowder gets deposited into the skin, in turn, causing tiny pinpoint hemorrhages known as tattooing (Lyman, 2014). Now, tattooing can greatly help investigators as well. That is...

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...ic can help apprehend some killers. In the end, time and transparency will inevitably bring the murderer to justice.
As for other murder investigations, they all can be completed similarly. The need for transparency with other police agencies and the public greatly diminishes. However, if the killer is still at large, than the transparency method could help catch the fugitive.
To conclude, the wounds of a homicide body can greatly benefit investigators. Similarly, rigor mortis and postmortem levity can help investigators narrow down the time of death, as well as determine if the body changed positions after death. Moreover, the distinctions between murder types can influence the way an investigation is conducted. When dealing with a serial murderer, it is critical to share information with other police agencies as well as the public.

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