Crime Reporting Has Long Been A Central Part Of News Coverage Essay

Crime Reporting Has Long Been A Central Part Of News Coverage Essay

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Winston Moseley

Crime reporting has long been a central part of news coverage in free press societies because crime stories are usually newsworthy. Since 1964 there have been many newspapers and articles written about the remorseless Winston Moseley. Moseley was born on March 2,1935 in New York City. He was married and had two children. Moseley owned a house in Queens and worked at Mt.Vernon in nearby Westchester county as a machine operator. In 1964 Mosley was arrested for stealing a television during a housebreak, and taken into custody. While in prison, he confessed to the robbery, rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, 28, Barbara Kralik, 15, and Annie Mae Johnson, 24 (Philpin 2). Moseley has been in prison for almost 50 years now. He was eligible for parole and requested fourteen times, but was denied. Winston Moseley doesn 't deserve to be paroled because he killed at least two girls, has not been a model prisoner, and has shown no remorse for his actions.

Winston Moseley doesn 't deserve to be paroled, because he killed at least two girls. Moseley is an extremely heartless person to be around society again. Moseley isn 't only a killer, but he is also mentally insane, and a mugger. He told cops that he was responsible for three murders, the death of Kitty Genovese, Annie Mae Johnson, and Barbara Kralik. There was no enough evidence or proof of killing Barbara Kralik, but Moseley confessed that he killed her too. while there was another person in prison named Alvin a gang member in killing Barbara Kralik, which was contradictory to Moseley 's case. Annie Mae was found dead, but her case was sta...

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...his kids and had played a significant role of states to pass a law, that citizens should call or get help.
Moseley has destroyed many people 's lives and families in so many different ways. He doesn 't have to be paroled. Even though he tried hard to impress the court or society by writing papers that he is completely different person (Gado, 3). He still has his dark personality. Moseley confessed that he is a necrophilia, “prefers to have sex with a corpse. (Gado 3). Every time he wants to have sex, he has to kill another woman. It is even hard to keep this person in prison. Moseley is lucky to be alive, because of the kind society and the fair decision of the court has reduced his death sentence to life sentence. Moseley should appreciate what the society and the court has done for him, after all he did. Winston Moseley must stay in prison till his last breath.

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