Crime Rates, Trends, And Variations Essay

Crime Rates, Trends, And Variations Essay

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Every day we tend to here that crime rate is up, or that it seem like crime is taking over America, but is that really true? What do we really know about the crime rate? Do we even understand how the FBI receive their information in regards to the UCR? And what do we understand about violent crime rates, trends, and variations? We will discuss these issues to gain a better understanding about the UCR system.
FBI UCR for Georgia
When I checked my state, which is GA and compared what I have been told by some of my associates from the Augusta Georgia Richmond Country Sheriff department it was what I expected, which was that crime rates where going down. So, there were no surprise there at all.
It showed me that between, 2012 - 2013 that we had some decrease in violent crimes, for instance in 2012 based on the population of “9,915,646 we had a total 37,675 violent crimes, and in 2013 based on the population of 9,992,167 there were only a total of 35,943 violent crimes” (“Crime in the”, 2013). So there was a “-4.6 percent change in violent crimes within those two years, and within the violent crime rate per 100,000: was 380.0 for 2012, and in 2013 was 357.9 that there was an overall percent change of -5.3” (“Crime in the”, 2013). Why has it dropped? Well most LEOs believe that it has dropped because of proactive arrests, faster responses to 911 calls, higher number of LEOs on the streets, community policing, and more random patrols.
Thereby all of these reasons could help crime rates go down, but one can never tell with criminals. But, for right now, the Sheriff’s department will take any little drop in violent crime as possible, because it helps to motivate them, and give them that extra push to know there efforts cou...

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...eir eye, which in turn helps us to do a reality check on ourselves. Violent crimes will never go away, but with UCR reporting system and the media, we will always have a way to see just how really bad the crimes are in our state or neighborhood. Knowledge is always power, and being able to see or know what is going on in our state or world is powerful information.

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