The Crime Of A Serial Killer Essay

The Crime Of A Serial Killer Essay

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Killing someone is not something new and it does not just take place in America. Since ancient times, murderers have been from all over the world. The reason why this phenomenon is on people’s mind now is not because it is new, but rather because they recently started hearing about it. The reasons for this were because killers, like serial killers especially, have not had a lot of coverage in the media. If any, little research has been done on them. Serial killing in itself is a lot less than the murders that take place within a year, that is because the act of a serial killer is a lot more rare. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI Serial Murder page (2008) at any given year, serial murders comprise less than one percent of the murders. So for example, in their Expanded Homicide Data page for 2014, there were 11,961 murder victims of the supplemental homicide data that the FBI received, meaning that 1 percent of those murders would be serial murders, roughly being about 119.61 victims (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2014). So why are these numbers important? Why do serial killers matter if the numbers are so low? The answer to this is to understand the creation of a killer. Such as the differences between gender homicides and why they kill, if any. Having a better understanding can help identify potential problems and characteristics that might be found in younger people whether it be male or female that is normally found in serial killers, in order to possibly prevent future tragedies from happening. Three different journal articles as well as three in class readings will be read to understand the topic better. The articles read were Ilie Magdalena Ioana in No One is Born a Serial Killer! , Andreas...

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... or she is caught and put in prison for life.The brain area responsible for emotions such as fear and anxiety is the amygdala. The amygdala is located in the temporal lobes and “the effect of a destroyed amygdala is that its owner does not feel any thrill of nervousness when he makes the others suffer” (2013).
Lastly, Ioana talks about how any disease, like the mental disease of a serial murderer, has two clearly defined states in terms of ontology. The first state is the “disease itself, purely medical as a morbid process, and the second being the suffering as a painful peculiar experience of evil, of moral transformation felt by the sick man”(2013). The strength to this article is that is talks about other factors than who committed the crime, it talks about how genetics makes the killer. The limitation in this article is that there was not a lot of research done.

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