Crime Is The Basic Problem, Not Guns Essay

Crime Is The Basic Problem, Not Guns Essay

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In salinas it 's no doubt that it has a problem with crime especially ones that are committed with firearms, such as robbery, murder, and gang violence. All of which has caused damage to this community. Salinas needs to stricken up with its guns laws to a degree in that it wouldn 't infringe on people 's rights of ownership; but to keeping them out of the hands of dangerous or inexperienced people. Guns do make self defenses easier on those who seek safety and security, but it also makes potential crime more easy to turn from a bad situation to a extremely dangerous one. So once again, guns can be for safety, but the harm and loss of life will be involved with them, thus making the change for harsher gun laws for the ways of getting and owning affect all who are involved, to insure that we are all safe from gun violence.
In the article, “Crime is the Basic Problem, Not Guns” is by Wayne LaPierre who is well know because of him being executive director of the NRA ( National Rifle Association). The NRA is a pro gun group that advocates for less gun control and the defending of the second amendment. LaPierre states that “With each felon committing over 187 felonies per year, the $430,000 it costs to let one roome free makes the $20,000 per year spent to keep one behind bars seem like a bargain.” From what the “director” is saying is that in order to combat crime you need to imprison any person that causes crime and to keep them in there because it 's cheaper to do so, this would be a total time of 21 years to match the “release” cost for the prisoner. This would prevent criminals that somehow “committed 187 felonies” for two decades, to roam the streets. However this does not solve anything but just for the punishment for the crime...

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...un ownership in Salinas has not been for self protection for some individuals that who simply cannot respect the law and life of others. This selfish decision makes people feel scared and not even safe within their homes and to force them to seeking self protection; because they could not even count on the police or government to protect/prevent innocent people from harm.And some people that can 't even legally own because they are not a citizen or call for help due to fear of being deported. So once Again a gun can be be used for purest purposes of self defense, but like any tool it can be missed used to do great harm by crooks, cowards or even people that do not understand the full effect it. Guns need to be controlled and people need to be accountable for their actions; people need to stop living in fear of gangs, accidents and madman an take charge of their lives.

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