Crime Is Measured Using A Combination Of Both Police And Victim Reported Information

Crime Is Measured Using A Combination Of Both Police And Victim Reported Information

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In Canada, crime is measured using a combination of both police and victim-reported information. Statistics Canada presents surveys to criminologists to analyze the data of criminalization and victimization to determine understand criminal behaviour, how the public perceives it, and how to prevent it. Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (UCR) intended to standardize the collection of police-reported crime statistics from across Canada. Figures generated by UCR are less than perfect, due to variations in the grey lines of recording and interpreting crime between different police. (Cartwright, 2015) The General Social Survey (GSS) was implemented later as a broad social survey to poll for crimes not reported to police. This was because Statistics Canada discovered that a large percentage of the population fail to report criminal victimization to the police. (Morden, 2015) Most citizens view their incident as an issue the police cannot help with, or too minor to require the police to deal with. UCR and GSS have disadvantages that complement each other to aid criminologists in studying criminal and victim behaviour.
Although the data from the GSS on Victimization and the UCR both note trends in crime rates in Canada, methodological differences between these two processes produce complementary data that provide a comprehensive vision of criminal activity in Canada. Since 1962, Statistics Canada has been collecting police-reported crime data annually through the establishing Uniform Crime Reporting Survey. The crime rate is calculated by the sum of all Criminal Code incidents reported by the police, divided by the population for comparison across geographic regions. Police-reported data capture only those crimes reported and recorded by the ...

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...road social surveys, rather than alone since both are lacking in their own ways. As a difference in timing is a key characteristic in the differences in the polls. UCR is annually conducted, whereas GSS on Victimization is processed every five years for the forgoing 12 months.
The General Social Survey and Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, both provide criminologists with sufficient data to analyze for the understanding and prevention of criminal behaviour and its social impact. The overall crime rate trends as of 2014 are declining in both surveys. Neither of the sources on its own can provide a Gestalt illustration of criminal incidents in Canada. On Account of their defects, there is always room for improvement in the ways in which crime is measured. As we improve the means to measure crime, our understanding of the nature and prevention of crime in Canada advances.

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