Crime Is An Intentional Act Essay

Crime Is An Intentional Act Essay

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Crime occurs frequently in the streets around the world along with in the home of many people who become victims of several crimes. The legal definition of crime is “crime is an intentional act or omission in violation of criminal law (statutory or case), committed without defence or justification, and sanctioned by the state as a felony or misdemeanour,” (Tappan, 1947: 100). Potential crimes in the home that can occur include assault, property crime and family violence. Family violence is made up of domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. On the other hand, crimes that frequently occur and are reported in the streets include robbery, assault and sexual offences. Crime in the streets can be deceived as worse due to the media’s input on the situation and the exaggeration they use due to their lexical choices. This on many occasions has resulted in people to feel victimisation/ fear paradox. The Victimisation/ fear paradox can be defined as to fear crime due to an act that exploits someone and to fear of being a victim of crime as opposed to distinguishing between the actual probability of being a victim of crime and one’s own fear of crime.
The fear of being a victim of crime can be because of the area in which they live in, as to whether they are a high or low-crime region, who they are and their uncertainty associated with the public area they are in. Victimisation/ fear paradox is more likely to appear within elderly people as they express high levels of fear towards crime than younger people would. In addition, women are also evidently more likely than men to express their fear of victimisation or their fear paradox than men. Media has a great impact of victimisation/ fear paradox due to the way in which they create in...

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...rson’s home. In 2005, majority of abuse and violent behaviour that occurs in the privacy of one’s home is committed by men against women. Just less than half a million of Australian women have reported that they have experienced physical or sexual violence or sexual assault within the past 2 months.
Distinguishing between which are is more dangerous comes down to different factors, such as gender, location and race. The street is evidently considered to be a more dangerous place for men rather than women. Nevertheless, this is going against the victimisation/ fear paradox as women and the elderly should feel fear and victimisation when out on the streets. The home is evidently more dangerous for women than men. Statistics have proven that assault occurs the most frequently on the streets and domestic violence occurs frequently in the numerous homes across Australia.

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