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There are different types of social phenomenon in our society, and one existing phenomenon that capture our attention like no other is crime. What is crime? Crime is an abnormal behavior that violates norms, and especially cultural standards that we as human are suppose to respect and have certain behavior towards. Standards such as : the changing of social, political, psychological, and economic conditions that have an effect on the justification of crime and the structural reaction of the criminal justice system created by Federal and State officials. Rational and deterrence theories are two important theories in this perspective. Research through out history provided us with different theories to help explain why people commit deviance acts. The results of such research have led me to conclude that crime is due to social circumstances, because when it comes to committing a crime, it comes down to making a choice.
The social problem society faces is a simple one but not all people have a good grasp on it. Many individually cannot define what crime is, also there are many people who don’t know the effects of crime. There have been many debates on how to classify crime but society would agree that crime is a unsociable act to follow a branch of rules setup by the community or by a law legislation, and what kind of punishment should be imposed on the people who deviate from these rules. The confusion steams from the fact that people compare crime to evil, but that is not completely accurate, we as people commit acts that are corrupt but is not prohibited by the law, and therefore are not specified as crimes. Some of these acts are committed by law abiding citizens because the law does not meet the behavior principle, which means th...

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...mpulsivity, insensitivity, risk-taking and shortsightedness. Vulnerability and temptations during the moment can be a deciding factor to the commitment of crime.
Rational theory main focus are the interest of the individual. Research has shown assumptions regarding the assumptions of progress from individual into groupings. The beginning point is the individual and then it develops into a larger social groupings and systems. Despite that, the individuals who make the decisions are only concerned with their welfare. The direction will defer from the views of Durkheim, regarding societal level, and determining individual actions through norms and general consciousness. The individuals mentioned in the rational theory are considered to be more submitted to temptations because they do not consider the negative consequences and more likely to partake in criminal activity.

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